Cyclists throng Dal Lake to maintain fitness amid pandemic

In the coronavirus induced lockdown, cycling has emerged as the favourite new sport for many in several parts of the country, including Jammu and Kashmir’s Srinagar.
Every morning and evening, numerous people come for cycling near the banks of the Dal Lake in order to keep themselves fit amid the deadly COVID-19 pandemic.
“This is a revolution that has taken over the entire country. In the last two to three years, more and more people have taken to cycling. The COVID-19 induced lockdown has brought so many people out of their homes and I am glad that the youth have opted for this activity so well,” said Khalid Hussian, Joint Secretary of the Jammu and Kashmir Cycling Association.
Dr Anwar Hussain, a doctor and a cyclist, said the increase in physical activity is beneficial for boosting immunity, especially in these times.
“Several joggers have stepped outdoors for visiting Dal Lake. It’s good to see so many cyclists. Earlier, only a few people used to visit this site but because their doctors had advised some elderly people to continue physical activity. I hope people would continue with their physical activity even after the lockdown,” he added.
Muhammad Amin, a cyclist enthusiast, said that just two to four years ago, the roads were deserted and only a few cycling groups used to visit this place.
“This is a very good exercise that doesn’t require too many equipments – just a sturdy cycle and a safety helmet. Till two to four years ago only a few groups would come for cycling on a daily basis. Now, there are at least 1,200 – 1,400 daily cyclists. It is very good to have so many members in this cycling community,” he said.