India could emerge as the US’ best bet in competition with China

A report by US-based think-tank Hudson Institute has suggested that India could become the United States’ top partner in countering China’s increasing global influence. The report cites India’s geopolitical location, large population, and emerging economic power as factors that could make it a key ally for the US in the future. It also recommends that the US strengthens its military ties with India to counter China’s growing military might in the Indo-Pacific region.

The report notes that India’s relations with the US have significantly improved over the past decade, and the two countries have worked together on a range of issues, including counterterrorism, cybersecurity, and defence. The report argues that India’s growing economic clout and technological prowess could make it a valuable partner for the US in its competition with China.

The report also suggests that the US should expand its economic engagement with India and work towards concluding a bilateral free trade agreement. It recommends that the two countries work towards greater cooperation in key sectors such as energy, defence, and technology.

The report comes amid growing concerns over China’s increasing economic and military influence in the Indo-Pacific region. The US has been actively seeking partners in the region to counter China’s growing clout, and has been strengthening its ties with countries such as Japan, South Korea, and Australia.

Overall, the report suggests that India has the potential to become the US’ top partner in the region, and that the two countries should work towards building a strong strategic partnership to counter China’s influence.