NSA Doval using insurgents to force Islamabad away from Kashmir issue, retd Pak Air Force officer

A Pakistani military veteran has alleged that India’s National Security Advisor (NSA) Ajit Doval is using elements in the insurgent groups in Pashtun tribal areas and Balochistan to force the Pakistan Army away from the Kashmir issue.
In an editorial titled ‘Doval’s dirty war’, published on tribune.com.pk on November 22, senior Pakistani columnist and retired Pakistan Air Force officer Air Vice Marshal Shahzad Chaudhary said: “Reports of RAW teaming up splintered TTP elements under one control against Pakistan and synching them with Allah Nazar and the BLA in Balochistan, as indeed with some nationalists in the former tribal regions of Pakistan, is how Doval plans his next phase of war.”
“It is in play already and has gone on unremittingly, relentlessly and incessantly as Doval attempts at forcing Pakistan away from Kashmir and more within its own borders,” it read.
Alleging that Doval has proposed reversing the “paradigm of terror” on Pakistan after becoming the NSA in 2014, Chaudhary said under this plan, “If India found pain in Kashmir, she will inflict the same on Pakistan in Balochistan — to many, Pakistan’s soft underbelly and pretty expansive where space for the inimical is aplenty and unrestricted.”
Chaudhary also alleged that “the revocation of Article 370 and 35A are both handiworks of the Doval’s plan. His kind of war and politics merged in what India thought was the right moment after engaging Pakistan on both the eastern and her western borders and an aggravated internal front.”
Chaudhary further claimed that Doval, who had spent six years in Pakistan on official assignment, is also handling India’s Pakistan policy as the National Security Advisor working under Prime Minister Narendra Modi.