Pakistani scholar threatens China after Chinese companies ban Muslim employees’ namaz

Angry over the Chinese companies putting a ban on Pakistani employees from offering namaz, the Islamic prayer, a Pakistani maulana (scholar) has threatened China and asked the Chinese companies to follow the law of the land.
In a video that has gone viral on social media, a visibly upset ‘maulana’ can be heard threatening China to not interfere in their religion.
“Tell those Chinese this is not their country,” he could be heard saying in Hindi.
“When some people gather and protest, they’d be scared. Then even their father will let you offer namaz. Today morning someone was asking that they’re afraid of losing job and hence can’t protest against Chinese companies for stopping namaz. This is our country, not their daddy’s. When we go to their country, we follow the rules,” he said.
“You have to make people respect you. Make them realize that you have come here, you are the real guest. You will work as per our laws. Then they will let you offer namaz,” he can be heard saying.
It is unclear when the video has been shot and if it is a recent threat to China over reports of namaz being banned.
As per reports, many Chinese companies in Pakistan have disallowed Pakistani employees from offering namaz.
In another viral video, shared by Twitter user Farah Khan, a Pakistani employee of a company was beaten up by his employers for allegedly offering namaz.
In the video, a person can be seen bleeding who is being taken away by his colleagues as the person recording the video claims that the man was beaten up for offering namaz.
The person recording the video claims that he was beaten up badly when he was offering namaz. “Chinese are not letting Muslims offer namaz. I appeal to the Prime Minister Imran Khan to take action,” he says.