Environment Minister of the Maldives Arrested for Said Black Magic on President Muizzu

Maldives Environment Minister Fathima Shamnaz Ali Saleem has been arrested. She is accused of practising ‘black magic’ on President Mohamed Muizzu. Local media reported this incident. Along with Shamnaz, her ex-husband Adam Rameez and two others were also detained. They are charged with witchcraft aimed at influencing Muizzu.

The controversy started on June 23. The four accused were remanded for seven days. Shamnaz was suspended from her role as state minister at the Ministry of Environment on Wednesday. This information was confirmed by local media outlet Sun. The arrest has caused a stir in the Maldives. Many are shocked by the allegations of black magic. The case is being closely followed by the public and media alike.

President Mohamed Muizzu has not yet commented on the arrests. The government has also remained silent on the issue. It is unclear how this will affect the political landscape in the Maldives. Shamnaz and Rameez have denied the charges against them. Their lawyers argue that there is no evidence of black magic. They claim that the arrests are politically motivated. The other two individuals arrested have not been named publicly. Their involvement in the alleged witchcraft is still under investigation. More details are expected to emerge as the case progresses. The Maldives has a history of superstitions and beliefs in black magic. However, such high-profile accusations are rare. This case has brought these beliefs into the spotlight once again. Many people in the Maldives are waiting to see how this case unfolds. The outcome could have significant implications for those involved and for the country’s politics.