Maldives: ‘Super Majority’ is won by President Muizzu’s Coalition in Parliamentary Elections

New Delhi: In a major victory for Maldives President Mohammed Muizzu, the ruling People’s National Congress has won an overwhelming three-fourth majority in the parliamentary elections, with the Maldivian Democratic Party relegated to a state where it has received its lowest tally ever.

The latest provisional results released on Maldivian media says that People’s National Congress (PNC) and its aligned parties have won 71 seats in the 93-member Majlis, a figure which is being called a “super-majority” in Maldivian polity. It has exceeded the majority that MDP had received in the last parliamentary elections.

Around 72% of the electorate turned out to vote in the parliamentary elections on Sunday, April 22, which was the first major political fight for President Muizzu after he took over his current post last November. This was the lowest voting percentage in Maldives parliamentary elections since political parties were allowed to contest in 2009.

Immediately after counting began at 6 pm local time, the results began to trickle in fast and quick.

The results are a major boost for President Muizzu, who went into the elections faced with internal factionalism in his own ruling coalition, as well as estrangement from his political mentor, former President Abdulla Yameen.

All the candidates for the ruling coalition of Progressive Party of Maldives and People’s National Congress (PPM-PNC) stood in elections under the PNC banner.

As per the updated provisional results, PNC has won 68 seats.

Muizzu’s victory will also be noted in India, which has had to accommodate the new government’s demand for withdrawal of Indian troops operating three aircrafts in the Indian Ocean island nations.

The MDP chairman Fayyaz Ismail conceded defeat, describing the results as disappointing. He also congratulated PNC for their victory.

According to provisional results, MDP has won only 10 seats, with several members who had won multiple terms before having lost their re-election bid.

It is likely the worst showing of the MDP, which lost the presidential elections last September. It had won 65 seats in the 2019 parliamentary elections, becoming the first party to win a majority in Maldives parliament till now.

Former Mohamed Nasheed’s The Democrats, which split from MDP, did not win a single seat.

President Muizzu had campaigned on the platform that the ruling coalition would not be able to execute its plans and policies unless it received a majority in the parliament. He also said in campaign speeches that he feared a ‘coup’ if the opposition continued to have a majority.

The provisional results also showed that Muizzu had been able to take the ruling coalition to victory despite not having the backing of former President Yameen, in contrast to the presidential elections.