Beijing’s perspective on Germany’s new China policy

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin cautioned that “viewing China as the source of risk is a fatal miscalculation” hours before Germany unveiled its much expected China strategy document on Thursday, which outlines a policy of “de-risking” from China.

The biggest danger in today’s world is a contemptuous attitude toward international collaboration, and the greatest uncertainty is stagnation. China is a chance, not a danger, he said.

Wang made another media appearance on Friday. Wang’s statements were more concentrated and concise since the German government’s China approach was now public knowledge.

The tactic, according to the Foreign Ministry spokesperson, was “counterproductive,” and he also charged the German government with “protectionism.”

“It merely makes the world’s divides worse. China believes that Germany would adopt a thorough and impartial perspective on China’s growth, according to Wang.

Germany’s position on de-risking?

The strategy document cautions that, despite Germany being China’s biggest trade partner in Europe, China’s economic plan is intended to “make it less dependent on other countries, while making international production chains more dependent on China.”

The research also highlights the way China utilizes its economic might for political ends.

Beijing’s relationships with several nations in the Indo-Pacific region and abroad “have significantly deteriorated as a result of this robust approach,” the document claims.