Daily Digest | Modi’s revised statement, in which Macron omits crucial details on defense purchases; China advises India that “specific issues” shouldn’t define relations, among other things.

Updated joint statement after Modi-Macron meetings omits crucial language about defense agreements

The joint statement between India and France that was first made public after discussions between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and French President Emmanuel Macron has been altered, and the current version, which was made public on Friday, leaves out important information on pending defense accords. References to a plan for the collaborative development of a combat aircraft engine and the creation of three more Scorpene submarines were among the omitted information.

Gujarat sees unabated illegal immigration to the United States

Bharat Rabari’s wife Chetna Rabari filed a report with the Prantij police on Wednesday alleging that her husband has been missing since February 4—six months after he departed Gujarat on his voyage to the United States via the Caribbean. She stated that her husband was the most recent victim of the actions of two agents, Mahendra Patel and his assistant Johny Patel, also known by the nickname Divyesh, who she accused of transporting individuals to the United States illegally.