Thaksin delays his departure until the political climate in Thailand is more stable.

Paetongtarn Shinawatra said that the status of Thai politics is the primary cause of the delay and that he wants to make sure Thai politics are in order before his homecoming.

The eldest daughter of Thaksin, who is also the Pheu Thai Party’s candidate for prime minister, predicted that her father will return soon after the initial July schedule. She continued by saying that he was awaiting a calmer political climate.

Even though my father informed the media that returning home had nothing to do with politics, she said that many people still thought the two were related.

She said that despite Thaksin’s desire to return in order to resolve political issues, his delay has nothing to do with Thailand’s transition to a new administration.

The major reason for the delay, she added, is the status of Thai politics, and he wants to make sure Thai politics are in order before his return.
Thaksin, aged 73, left the country in 2008 to escape going to prison after his administration was overthrown in a military takeover on September 19, 2006. He received a cumulative term of 12 years in jail after being found guilty in four corruption charges.