China declares its support for Russia after the Wagner Group uprising.

A day after an attempted mutiny by the Wagner gang of highly armed mercenaries, the Chinese foreign ministry said on Sunday that China supports Russia in preserving national stability.

Following the most significant threat to President Vladimir Putin’s authority since Russia invaded Ukraine in February 2022, Andrei Rudenko, the deputy foreign minister of Russia, had discussions on “international” problems on Sunday in Beijing.

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According to the Russian foreign ministry, “the Chinese side confirmed its interest in strengthening the cohesion and further prosperity of Russia and expressed support for the efforts of the leadership of the Russian Federation to stabilize the situation in the country in connection with the events of June 24.”

China’s foreign ministry first merely said that Rudenko and Qin Gang had discussed “international and regional issues of common concern” as well as Sino-Russian ties.

Later, it was said that China supports Russia in preserving its sense of national stability and that the recent rise in tensions in Russia was due to “internal affairs” in that country. Unknown was Rudenko’s exact arrival time in Beijing as well as if his trip to China, a significant Russian ally, was in reaction to the ostensible uprising headed by mercenary commander Yevgeny Prigozhin.

In exchange for withdrawing his soldiers back to base and going to Belarus, Prigozhin was saved from criminal prosecution, and the mutiny was put an end on Saturday.

Prior to now, China had been silent on the uprising that Putin said endangered Russia’s very existence, despite statements to the contrary from Western officials, notably US Vice President Joe Biden.

Chinese military analyst and TV pundit Song Zhongping told Reuters that China will help Russia while emphasizing that it would not meddle in the country’s domestic affairs.

“Prigozhin understands that this rebellion will not yield the desired results easily.”

Prigozhin said that the goal of his “march” on Moscow was to depose the dishonest and inept leaders who he holds responsible for the failure of the Ukrainian conflict. Chinese media has been keenly following the uprising, but has mainly refrained from commenting before any official statements.

Chinese state-run Global Times, however, claimed on Saturday that the West’s latest attack on Russian social cohesion amounted to exaggerating the “mutiny” of Prigozhin and creating the “illusion” that Russia has numerous internal contradictions and “the building is collapsing.”

On social media, Putin received a lot of support from Chinese folks.

Numerous social media messages stated, “You can do it, Russia!”

The area surrounding Moscow is peaceful, the Chinese Embassy in Russia said on Saturday to the Chinese media source Southern Metropolis Daily.