When you travel, there are things “Bigger Than Politics”: S Jaishankar

S. Jaishankar said that he can speak for himself and avoids politics when he travels, speaking at an event in Cape Town after attending the BRICS foreign ministers’ summit.
Cap City: Days after Congressman Rahul Gandhi frequently criticized Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his administration during his current US tour, External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar stated on Saturday that there are sometimes “things bigger than politics” when one leaves the nation.
Rahul Gandhi, a former leader of the Congress party and a former member of parliament, spoke to Indian Americans in Santa Clara, California, earlier this week. He called Prime Minister Modi a “specimen” and criticized his administration’s policies on a number of fronts.

S. Jaishankar said that he can speak for himself and avoids politics when traveling overseas while speaking at an event in Cape Town after his attendance at the BRICS foreign ministers’ summit.

“Look, I said I could only speak for myself, and I try not to engage in politics when I travel,” “I’m ready and willing to engage in a heated argument at home. You won’t ever find me lacking in that department, I see. “He answered the query.

However, as you may already be aware, democratic cultures are not immune from collective accountability. There is a shared perception and a national interest. When traveling abroad, it’s crucial to keep in mind that there are sometimes issues that are more important than politics.

“Therefore, I could vehemently disagree with someone. I may inform you that I disagree with them. But I’d want to go back home and do it as a response. And keep an eye on me when I return,” the senior diplomat for India remarked.

According to S. Jaishankar, one aspect of Indian foreign policy is now very concentrated on ensuring the wellbeing of Indian nationals overseas.

According to him, procedures that can adapt to challenging circumstances must be put in place since Indians are now more globally oriented.

“Occasionally, they may be highly nation-specific. Recently, there was a really unpleasant scenario in Sudan, and when the battle in Ukraine first began last year, 5,000 Indians perished. We now had almost 20,000 Indians. In fact, when I go back over the last nine years, we’ve had at least one problem someplace virtually every year.

Therefore, it is something that will continue to occur. And we still have that basic responsibility to look for Indian Indians today. Work, habitation, and travel overseas,” he stated.

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“It can include giving someone a ride home, or occasionally there are individuals left overseas without money who are caught in situations where they can’t afford it. You know, it does happen sometimes that individuals die away,” he said.