China asserts that the US must move decisively to put relations “back on track.”

On Monday, the Chinese foreign ministry urged the United States to take “concrete actions” to repair the strained ties between the two nations.

At a routine press conference in Beijing on Monday, Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Mao Ning said, “We urge the US to form a correct perception of China, stop meddling in China’s internal affairs, stop endangering China’s sovereignty, security, and development interests, and work with China to bring China-US relations back to the right track with concrete actions.”

The declaration followed US President Joe Biden’s claim that he anticipated improved diplomatic relations with China in the near future.

At a news conference held in conjunction with the G7 leaders’ meeting in Hiroshima, Japan, Biden predicted that the deadlock will soon start to thaw.

While acknowledging that China and the US “maintain necessary communication,” Mao questioned the “sincerity” of Washington’s diplomatic efforts.

She said that despite the US’s claims to the contrary, it is actively working to repress China and put sanctions on its leaders, institutions, and businesses.

In order to provide a conducive environment for communication, the spokeswoman urged Washington to “immediately lift sanctions” on Beijing and eliminate other roadblocks.

Relations between the two global powers, already tainted by distrust over a pandemic and a protracted trade war, further worsened in March when Washington shot down a Chinese “spy” balloon over US territory.

China has stated that the balloon was a scientific research airship used for weather monitoring by the general public. EFE