China will improve its political and economic ties with the IEA.

According to the ministry, Shaikh Hamdullah Nomani, the interim minister of urban development and lands for the Islamic Emirate, met with Wang Yu, the Chinese ambassador, on Wednesday in Kabul.

According to a statement, Minister Shaikh Hamdullah Nomani urged ambassador Wang Yu for the resumption of his country’s work on the biggest Chinese-supported Nela Bagh housing project in Afghanistan during the meeting, while also praising China’s collaboration and cordial relations with Afghanistan.

Minister Nomani was reported in the release as stating, “The IEA is fully committed to fulfilling all obligations and commitments which had been contracted.”

Some of the project’s difficulties have been resolved, he said, so work should get back up as soon as feasible.

The ground has been more prepared for investment than ever since the IEA took power in the nation, and the statement claimed that if Chinese businessmen want to invest in Afghanistan, they would be given access to all essential infrastructure.

Chinese Ambassador Wang Yu was reported in the statement as saying, “China always wants a peaceful, stable, developed, and self-sufficient Afghanistan.”

The statement also said that the two adjacent and friendly nations’ political, economic, and commercial ties should be strengthened.