China’s President Xi Jinping Needs an Olive Branch from the West

According to a Policy Research Group report, President Xi Jinping of China cannot move forward with his new foreign policy without the West extending an olive branch to China (POREG). Relations between China and the US are at an all-time low. Neither party is trying to strengthen their relationships.

The unrest in China over COVID posed a unique challenge to Xi’s authority. People of all ages, party supporters and dissidents, gathered to make their protests heard as it spread throughout the nation, from urban to rural areas.

With COVID behind him, Xi is currently trying to bring the economy back to pre-COVID times. This will, however, take some time, but he is expected to reach there given the iron hand with which he has been handling the economic affairs in the last few months.

The Chinese leader, according to POREG will gradually announce major policy measures which he will want his people to see as his style of economic dynamism. He had already given proof of his unchallenged power when he made a quick u-turn on his Zero-COVID policy.

According to a recent article in The Singapore Post, Xi has received a growing amount of admiration and praise in the nation in recent years. As the cult of personality surrounding Xi Jinping intensifies, worries about the degree to which this praise is being “forced and manufactured” are growing.

According to a news report, party secretaries from Fujian, Sichuan, Inner Mongolia, Anhui, and Yunnan praised Xi Jinping in the People’s Daily, the official state newspaper, in 2023. It’s almost disappointing how everyone wants to prove their allegiance to Xi Jinping by blindly applauding his achievements and philosophy.