Xi Jinping’s proposed foreign policy approach requires the West to extend an olive branch to China,

China’s President Xi Jinping has reportedly expressed his desire to pursue a new foreign policy approach, but this may not be possible unless the West extends an olive branch to China. According to a recent report, Xi’s proposed foreign policy approach seeks to strengthen China’s relations with its neighboring countries and other regions of the world.

The report suggests that Xi’s proposed approach is aimed at reducing China’s reliance on the West and shifting its focus towards strengthening its ties with other countries. However, this may not be possible unless the West takes a more conciliatory approach towards China.

The report notes that China’s relationship with the West has been strained in recent years due to a range of issues, including trade disputes, human rights concerns, and geopolitical tensions. This has led to a more confrontational approach from both sides, with the US and other Western countries taking a tougher stance towards China.

In order for Xi to pursue his proposed foreign policy approach, the report suggests that the West needs to extend an olive branch to China and seek to engage in dialogue to resolve these issues. This could include a reduction in tariffs and trade barriers, as well as a more cooperative approach towards issues such as climate change and global health.

The report concludes that unless the West takes steps to improve its relationship with China, it may be difficult for Xi to pursue his proposed foreign policy approach. As such, it is important for both sides to work towards finding common ground and resolving their differences in a constructive manner.