False narratives spread by China surrounding Solomon Islands

Beijing, China:

Claimed that the Chinese Communist Party is attempting to influence public discourse in the Solomon Islands through coordinated information operations that seek to spread false narratives and suppress information on a range of topics.

Moreover, the Chinese Embassy has strong connections to media outlets in the Solomon Islands and the Chinese diplomats exert pressure to influence local publications and control press releases in support of the CCP’s narratives, the Singapore Post reported.

This authoritarian regime plays a crucial role in the CCP’s information operations.

CCP has also used its propaganda and disinformation capabilities to push false narratives in an effort to carve the public’s perception of the Solomon Islands and their security issues.

According to several politicians and analysts, the China-Solomons security pact was a deal shrouded in secrecy, which took diplomats and government officials, even those from within Solomon Island, according to the Singapore Post.

Local media outlets have the highest level of online penetration and engagement in the Solomon Islands as CCP official-led articles published in local media including opinion pieces, press releases, and other quote-based articles–are the most effective method of propagating CCP narratives in the Solomon Islands’ online information environment.

Analysis of the anti-West online commentary following the leaked security agreement suggests that the local population used language featured in the CCP’s narrative, the Singapore Post reported.

Recently, the Solomon Islands’ snap ban on foreign military vessels docking at Honiara port has stocked new fears over China’s growing clout in the Islands, where China is accused of stationing its military warships and deploying troops, media reports said.

Solomon Islands, a small country in South Pacific, gained independence in 1978. India established diplomatic relations in May 1987. The High Commission in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, is concurrently accredited to the Solomon Islands.