Taiwan professor speech took down from internet after two hours of uploading

Taipei, Taiwan: The University professor of Tsing-hua’s peench on “Facing the real world” tok down from the internet after two hours of uploading. She slammed CCP and mentioned an incident where a woman miscarried outside a hospital after being denied access because she was from a “high risk region,” despite testing negative for COVID-19.

She also took up the case of migrant workers who were discouraged from returning home for the Lunar New Year and smeared as having “malicious motives,” and must be “first quarantined and then detained” for wanting to see their families.

Meanwhile, a sound-minded school teacher was sent to a psychiatric hospital just for asking questions on social media, Lao observed, reported Taiwan News.

She said the words “harmony” and “safety” were now used to shackle the Chinese people through surveillance technology and constant internet connectivity.

Lao said one lesson from the 20th century is that humanitarian catastrophes are almost always caused by evil systems that exacerbate the evil of human nature itself.

She said she can hear the “sound of the state machine crunching here and churning there” and that this entity is granted supreme status, while the lives of those living under its authority are worthless.