Art exhibition reflects Buddhist philosophy

The exhibition features rare works and masterpieces by Preecha Thaothong. photo courtesy of Iconsiam

The Buddhist philosophy and essence of light and shadow theory are the subjects of “The First Light Of The New Era Towards The 7th Decade”, which is running at the Iconluxe Pop up Space, on the 1st floor of Iconsiam, until Feb 20.

Held to mark the milestone of the seventh decade of Prof Emeritus Preecha Thaothong, a national artist in visual arts (paintings), the exhibition features a collection of rare works and masterpieces that reflect the essence of Buddhist philosophy, Thainess, tranquillity, faith and purity of Buddhism in a unique way.

The national artist has created his own signature abstract art, developed to reach the supreme achievement in visual arts. The contrasting use of light and shadow that reflect on the surface to illustrate the abstract composition of nature has been developed by combining the techniques of Thai traditional arts and Western perspectives.

The exhibition is aimed to convey his knowledge to the new generation. The works on show are the result of his long career in art under the light and shadow theory that has long been twisted, combined and experienced in different abstract and physical approaches until he gained insight into the essence of light and shadow and the changeableness of nature.

This has led him to a deeper understanding of Buddhist philosophy and, thus, also inspired him to be passionate about elegant Buddhist architectures such as vihara and ubosot.

A highlight painting is Light And Shadow In The Cultural Triangle for which he took inspiration from his impression of the arts and cultures related to Buddhism he has experienced during his travels to many astonishing places in Myanmar, Laos and Thailand.

The collection also includes remarkable landscape paintings that he created from actual perspectives based on the light and shadow theory.

There are also seminars and workshops conducted by the artist and other proficient figures throughout the exhibition. Details can be acquired from the Foundation of Professor Emeritus Preecha Thaothong (call 082-323-7084).

A series of artworks by his students and fellow artists are concurrently exhibited at the Icon Art & Culture Space on the 8th floor.