Celebrate Chinese New Year with Iconsiam

Iconsiam’s River Park. photos courtesy of Iconsiam

Iconsiam welcomes the Year of the Tiger in grand style with many exciting shows and activities during “The Iconsiam Eternal Prosperity Chinese New Year 2022”, from Thursday to Feb 2.

This is the first time visitors will have the opportunity to witness the “Sunflower Dragon Performance” in which the dragon is decorated with sunflowers which are regarded by the Chinese as a symbol of wealth, good fortune and longevity filled with happiness.

The Chinese dragon is a well-known emblem of the Chinese emperor and culture and it is believed that a dragon performance brings good luck to the audience. The longer the performance is, the more luck is brought to them.

The show is accompanied by an enthralling lion dance and the Hainan tiger dance and will be available for public viewing at the River Park, on Thursday at 7pm and then daily at 5.30pm and 7pm.

Located along the Chao Phraya River, the River Park will become an impressive landmark to check-in and take photos as it will be turned into a Chinese garden decorated with replicas of large unique Chinese buildings and colourful lanterns in the shapes of auspicious animals — dragon, lion, phoenix, peacock and crane. Also displayed will be Chinese character lanterns presenting various auspicious meanings such as happiness, smoothness, prosperity and wealth.

Thailand’s first sunflower dragon show will be the highlight. photo courtesy of Chen Guofeng

Then, visitors are invited to worship Tam Kung, a seafaring child god on loan from Tam Kung Temple in Hong Kong, which will be enshrined at Ratsada Hall on the first floor for this occasion. This is also an opportunity to try a 64-stick Kau Chim, known as siam si among Thais. It’s a Chinese fortune telling practice that involves shaking a box full of bamboo sticks and the one that jumps out will be interpreted.

There will be cultural performances and the “Music Of China” show daily at noon, 3pm and 6pm at the Charoen Nakorn Hall where shoppers can look for lucky items, jewellery and clothing; worship equipment; food and auspicious plants. They can also expect to see a Hainan tiger parade offer blessings to all.

Meanwhile, Sooksiam on the ground floor will bring delectable and auspicious menus, healthy drinks and auspicious items. Shoppers will also enjoy many performances including a lion dance, a golden dragon dance, a Chinese mask-changing show, a guzheng show, and a calligraphy demonstration. They will have a chance to receive auspicious oranges from a seven-fairy procession.