Independent activist from Hong Kong released form prison after 6 years

Hong Kong: Six years ago independent activist Edward Leung took part in violent demonstrations, for which he had to face four years of jail in a top security facility. Edward is noe released from the prison on Lantau Island.

According to Wall Street Journal, now the 30-year-old Leung left prison before dawn today.
On his Facebook page early today, Leung wrote that he has been released and that he would leave the limelight, stop using social media and decline all media interviews. He added that he was subject to a supervision order, a rule for inmates released early, The Wall Street Journal reported.

“Separated for four years, I want to cherish this valuable time to be reunited with my family and return to a normal life with them,” he wrote before deleting his Facebook account. “Heartfelt thanks to everyone’s care and love.”

Edward Leung was serving his sentence for the last six years for his part in violent demonstrations in February 2016, after China-imposed national security law, enacted in 2020, which criminalizes acts and calls for secession, subversion, terrorism and collusion with foreign powers.

China has strengthened control over Hong Kong through varieties of laws including the draconian National Security Law. The people of the semi-autonomous city are facing increasing policing and the crackdown.

According to a media report, most of Hong Kong’s opposition lawmakers, activists are either in jail or have fled overseas since the national security law crackdown began.