China increasing its military numbers near Indian border, US expresses concerns

Beijing, China: China is increasing its military near the borders with India. The action of chine military is concerning US as China has no good record in its border disputes with India.

The US Defense Department is newly concerned about China’s further military build-up near the demarcation line across its Himalayan border with India after Beijing deployed long-range strategic bombers to the area last month in another apparent warning to New Delhi, according to Foreign Policy magazine.

Further, the build-up along the Indian border fits the pattern of Chinese regional aggression witnessed in other parts of the Indo-Pacific as the US tries to expand its strategic alliance in the region, it said.

Jeff Smith, a research fellow at the Heritage Foundation’s Asian Studies Center said it’s just clear that China has become more assertive all across their territorial fault lines.

“Arguably India is the one where they’ve met the most resistance. The Indians will not be cowed, coerced, or intimidated,” he added.

New Delhi has put up more diplomatic and military resistance than China’s antagonists in other territorial incursions, such as in the South China Sea, writes Jack Detsch for the Foreign Policy magazine.

“However, India has important practical advantages including more experience fighting in high altitude mountain warfare. Also, New Delhi has sought to use geography and acclimatization as an asymmetric counter-advantage to Beijing’s military might, taking peaks near lakes, while in certain instances the People’s Liberation Army has been forced to pull background units or bring in oxygen tents,” he added.