Second time a person is convicted by China’s security law

Hong Kong:
The 30-year-old Ma Chun-man — who is the second person to be convicted under the security law — was accused of chanting slogans and making speeches calling for Hong Kong’s independence on at least 20 public occasions, and via social media, between August and November 2020, reported Hong Kong Free Press.

After a four-day trial, district court Judge Stanley Chan handed down the verdict on Monday afternoon.

Ma’s speech demonstrated that he clearly intended to incite secession, a violation under the national security law, said Chan, adding, Ma “advocated a clear political intention” and was “without reservation”.

In June 2020, activist Tong Ying-kit was the first person to go on trial under the security law.
Tong– who is appealing the conviction — was sentenced to nine years in prison in July for inciting secession and committing terrorism.

Tong was prosecuted for flying a flag with the popular protest slogan “liberate Hong Kong, the revolution of our times” as he rode his motorcycle at a group of police officers. Ma was tried solely for the slogans he chanted and the speeches he made. He declined to give evidence or to summon witnesses, according to Hong Kong Free Press.

Ma — nicknamed “Captain America 2.0”– had been in custody for 10 months since his arrest last November.