Chinese billionaire Wang Xing got its antitrust investigation of Meituan closed by govt

Beijing: Chinese government has again slammed a big businessman from their estate. The businessman blocked his 18,000 public posts days before government issued him a fine of a US$533 million on him.   

Wang Xing founded the Chinese group-buying site Meituan in 2010.

Meituan was hugely successful and merged with Dianping in 2015.

Online checks made by the South China Morning Post found that Wang has hidden from the public all of his 661 posts on popular Chinese microblogging service Weibo and 17,105 posts on Fanfou, a now-obscure microblogging platform that he launched in 2007 during his early days as an entrepreneur.

Fanfou has served as Wang’s de facto online fan club, where he has posted about three times a day on average for 14 years, reporter Coco Feng wrote in her report published in South China Morning Post.