Hong Kong’s security bureau stresses criminal liability after anti-China organization decides to disband

Hong Kong: A security bureau spokesman made the remarks in response to media enquiries concerning the decision of the Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions, an anti-China organization, to disband on Sunday.

The Hong Kong police will spare no efforts in pursuing the legal liabilities of any organization and person suspected of violating the national security law in Hong Kong or other laws in Hong Kong, the spokesman said.

“We will conduct thorough investigations in respect of those local organizations which have received donations from foreign political organizations,” said the spokesman, adding that the security bureau will request them to provide information or take other necessary measures as required pursuant to the implementation rules under the national security law in Hong Kong and other relevant ordinances.

The Hong Kong police will continue to pursue the legal liabilities of organizations and persons endangering national security in accordance with the law, so as to ensure those concerned will be brought to justice, according to the spokesman.