The Ministry of Commerce recently hosted the 30th anniversary edition of Prime Minister’s Export Award (2021). The ceremony for Thailand’s highest accolade for exporters was held as a virtual live event on 3 September 2021, and can be viewed at:

In celebrating three decades of generating success, this year’s PM Awards introduce new additions to the existing categories that further boost inspiration and increase sustainable competitiveness and recognition of Thai products and services in the international arena. The awards aim to inspire and encourage Thai entrepreneurs to establish and maintain an international presence for Thai ingenuity through leading Thai brands.

The Prime Minister’s Export Awards 2021 comprise seven categories:

Best Exporter

Best Innovation

– Aspiring Innovation

– Aspiring Innovation Best Thai Brand

– Emerging Brand

– Emerging Brand Best Design

Best Service Enterprise

– Health & Wellness

– Printing

– Digital Content & Software


– Health & Wellness – Printing – Digital Content & Software -ELMA Best OTOP

Best Halal

PM Award Best Exporter Award: DE Smit Food International Co., Ltd. Erwin De Smit, CEO Cultivating fruitful returns for business, and providing fertile knowledge, opportunities and support, have enabled De Smit Food International Co.,Ltd. to achieve much and bring rewards to all stakehold-ers. Our mutual concession philosophy, inspired by Thai Royal initiatives, encompasses the Rotterdam Model exemplified in Thailand’s Deep South sustainable farming treasures. The result is certified or-ganic crops fit for global markets and Halal communities and on-going nurturing of the Thai agro-economy at the grass roots. Bestowed PM Award Best Exporter, De Smit Food is grateful for the reas-surance and support provided by the Thai Government, concerned ministries, and the Thailand Board of Investment (BOI) that increase investment opportunities. Together with consumer confidence this enables us to prevail and stay afloat through the crisis. Best Service Enterprise Award (Printing): TPN Food Packaging Co., Ltd. Ananchat Thangkasemvathana, MD As a humble Thai manufacturer and trader, TPN Food Packaging has always held to the aspiration for its packaging products to complement the circular economy ideal. With the mono layer raw material, our food-grade containers not only mitigate global waste but reduce Thailand’s international packaging import expenses which is especially important amid the Covid-19 pandemic. TPN Food Packaging ex-ecutives and factory staff are highly honoured by the PM Award Best Enterprise and remain commit-ted to continuing to improve and develop going forward. Best Service Enterprise Award (Health and Wellness): Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital Nithiwat Gijsriurai, M.D., Hospital Director Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital strives for clinical excellence, empathy, morality and Thai hospitality (BDMS core values) to be the key drivers for our corporation to provide medical treatment and achieve our ultimate goal to offer domestic and global patients advanced medical treatments. The vision from our CEO is to emphasize preventing illnesses rather than focus only on treating illnesses. Our innovation in target therapy cancer care has helped minimize loss of life while our medical genetic screening in preconception has helped improve the health of newborns. Our policy to support physicians to pursue academic advancement has promoted their skills and patients’ confidence. Although Covid-19 has placed a tremendous burden upon us, our medical tech and telemedicine platform support society, just as the PM Award Best Enterprise for Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital sparks faith in us among the public and in the global arena.

Best OTOP Award: J.T.SILK CO., LTD Thanawaporn Meechai, President Premium selection of hybrid silkworms that yield high quality skin protein is our promise of skin care product quality. Our business relies on excellent materials and cutting-edge technology coupled with recruitment of qualified local farmers equipped with organic wisdom. Cocoons given to farmers to cul-tivate are purchased back, boosting revenue in the agriculture sector in Chiang Mai that supplements earnings from seasonal crops. The PM Best OTOP Award testifies to MAYUKINUKO brand’s ability to reach international customers and build trust in Thai products globally.

Best Halal Award: Ereky Co.,Ltd.

Anthony Chaikul, CEO & CRO Ereky Co.,Ltd. is a popular soap manufacturer powered by an in-depth product research collaborative programme with leading academic institutes in Songkhla and Indonesia. With a learning curve to achieve the highest standard required by Muslim communities around the world, the product im-provement is made by adhering to Halal standards and regulations at all stages of processing. The BER-SUCI brand is not only recognised for mass usage but is also widely acclaimed as a “must-have” product for use by Muslim-led manufacturers. The PM Award Best Halal strongly boosts consumer confidence worldwide in Halal products produced in Thailand, on par with other certified products guaranteed by Malaysia and Brunei Halal associations. Best Thai Brand Award: New Arriva Co., Ltd. Teerachai Suppaneteekulwat, Founder & Design Director New Arriva is a sustainable manufacturer that upcycles discarded and used items into new products. In so doing, it is our aspiration to build international awareness of Thailand’s creative economy. New Arri-va product values lie in the upcycling process, in collaboration with NGOs, to help reduce global waste. We are very proud to exhibit our modern and practical product designs to show the potential of the creative market In Thailand. The company’s proven records for timely and prompt launch of Covid-19 prevention devices testifies to our will to create a real social impact. The PM Award for Best Thai Brand encourages our staff to work diligently and stand tall among other brands worldwide. Best Innovation Award: Hillkoff Co., Ltd. Naruemon Taksa-Udom, Managing Director The Free Trade Agreement has inspired us to embark on an experimental stage to boost our presence in the world’s coffee market. Only 1% of coffee on the global coffee market so far comes from Thai-land. Our plan to export Thai coffee incorporates innovative technologies along with a with zero-waste management approach. We are moving forward with the release of our new “Jump out of the Cup” coffee product line. Focusing on our health-related values and social responsibility, the PM Award Best Innovation bestowed on Hillkoff recognizes our hard-earned success as we reaffirm our commitment to grow sustainability in the agriculture sector. Best Service Enterprise Award (Digital Content & Software): Yggdrazil Group Saroot Tubloy, COO While technology and innovation are at the heart of our digital business success, the signature ingredi-ent, which helps us achieve a market share of more 70% of the global gaming industry, is Thai culture. It is through our passion to create awareness of Thainess that we differentiate ourselves and have be-come the first game made in Thailand to build a strong presence in the eSport sector. The PM Award Best Enterprise will help us act as powerful ambassadors to introduce global audiences to Thailand and open the door to digital content investment opportunities where Thai creators can provide renowned artistic flair and creativity.