China can be controlled if world came together

New Delhi: The Chinese Communist Party is influencing the media houses, fundings and it is sponsoring institutions which are opinion maker under President Xi Jingping.

A report by think-tank ‘Law and Society Alliance’ titled “Mapping Chinese Footprints and Influence Operations in India”

Speaking at a virtual discussion following the release of the report by exiled World Uyghur Congress Director for Chinese Affairs Department Ilshal Kokbore, who joined from New York, said the contents of the study report shocked him as he came to know how deep penetration Communist China had made inside a democratic India.

He said the CCP, the rules from Beijing, was really adept at twisting reality and spreading propaganda in its favour, not just in India but globally. He said while CCP-controlled media was hostile towards India, Communist China treated Indians with contempt and views the South Asian giant as a third world nation.

Yet, Communist China has invested billions of American dollars in India, in several sectors, including cinema, the technology sector, Apps makers and academia. He said, “China continues to take bolder steps to erode India’s democracy and is also subtly influencing Afghan policies through its support of Pakistani and Afghan extremists.” 

The report reminded Kokbore of Uyghur history when CCP militarily occupied East Turkistan, pretended to offer help, but now is throwing Uyghurs in concentration camps, adding “A similar history has played out in Tibet and is now playing out in Hong Kong with the CCP government forcibly curbing democracy.”

Canadian Coalition against Communism co-founder and vice president Sheng Xue, who joined from Toronto, said the study report showed that some vigilant Indians were standing up against the CCP’s silent effort to undermine India and its interests through its fifth column operations