Doha peace talk will bring end to the war: Amrullah Sale

Kabul, Afghanistan: “The intra-Afghan dialogue was flawed from the very beginning as the Taliban never believed in a political solution to the decades-long conflict,” Saleh said.

Saleh further called for the international recognition of the resistance pocket in Panjshir and for providing him with moral and political support, Sputnik reported.

For a long time, fighters in Panjshir have prevented the capture of the region from Taliban terrorists by firing a heavy machine gun into a deep valley from the top of the rocky mountain.

These fighters are from the National Resistance Front (NRF), the remaining strongest force after the siege of Kabul by the Taliban.

The valley lies in the Hindu Kush mountains, approximately 90 miles north of Kabul. The Taliban have been unable to take this major holdout of resistance after steamrolling across pro-government troops in a matter of months.