Bank services suspended amid the Taliban serge in Afghanistan

Kabul, Afghanistan: Amid the crises in Afghanistan the price of commodities is touching sky and the banking services have also suspended dure to the Taliban takeover, the people are facing human rights violation, trying to flee from the country and who are staying have to face this. 

People in Kabul are difficulties due to the closure of banks and the biggest money-changing market Sarai Shahzada, Khaama Press reported.

Government officials and other private employees are also facing financial issues as the month is nearing to end and they have no clue about their salaries.

Closure of banks has hit the people most as despite having money in their bank accounts they can’t access that.

On Saturday, Sarai Shahzada in a statement said that since the money-changing market is directly dependent on the central bank of Afghanistan-De Afghanistan Bank- it will remain closed unless the central bank resumes operations, Khaama Press added.

There has been no formal announcement about the opening of government banks while private banks have announced to remain closed indefinitely.

Afghanistan’s situation is dwindling as people are in rush to leave the nation after the Taliban seized control last week. On August 15, the country’s government fell soon after President Ashraf Ghani left the nation.