Celebrate Visakha Bucha Day indoors

Today marks Visakha Bucha Day, one of the most important Buddhist holidays in the Thai calendar. It’s when three significant yet separate events took place — Lord Buddha was born, became enlightened and died on this very day.

Without Covid-19, people would flock temples and make merit for themselves and their loved ones. But with the third wave of the pandemic now hitting the country hard, the celebration of Visakha Bucha will be quite different.

The Buddhadasa Indapanno Archives, or Suan Mokkh Bangkok, is holding various online activities today to mark Visakha Bucha. All activities — conducted via Zoom — take place from 9am until 8.30pm.

Here are some of the programmes:

Visakha Bucha Day online

When: 9am to 8.30pm

Divided into three themes (before enlightenment, enlightenment and nirvana) throughout the day, participants will have an opportunity to join Buddhist prayers, meditation sessions, dhamma lectures and merit making. Activities are will be by revered monks from various temples.

“Learning Deep Into The Inside”, a basic dhamma session ideal for those who want to apply it in daily life.

When: 1pm to 4pm

The session starts with a prayer followed by a dhamma lecture on the topic of its benefits. There will be a Q&A session at the end.

Tai chi, yoga and meditation

When: 1pm to 4pm

Participants will learn about tai chi and yoga practices for the meditation purposes, as well as the mindfulness of breathing for inner peace. People interested in participating are advised to prepare a yoga mat or similar for practice.