Jaishankar Praised new agreement of Ceasefire between India and Pakistan

New York, US: Noting that the recent agreement between India and Pakistan on LoC ceasefire is a “good step”, External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar praised the new agreement between India and Pakistan LoC. He also added that we have bigger issues to deal without neighbours.
Speaking to former US National Security Adviser (NSA) General HR McMaster at an event here, Jaishankar said, “We had an agreement few weeks ago that we would not fire across LoC. That is a good step. But I think there are bigger issues. At the end of the day, the two neighbors have to find ways…Since 1947, part of the problem has been cross-border terrorism.”
“Look what I can tell you, at this point of time, is that we had agreement some weeks ago between our director generals of military operation that you we would not find across at each other across the Line of Control, which which has seen a lot of that, and seen a lot of that, mainly because there’s been infiltration from from that side,” Jaishankar said, adding, “So, the basis for not firing is very clear because the reason for firing is infiltration so if there is no infiltration there”s obviously no reason to fire. That”s a good step. But I think there are obviously bigger issues.”
He said, “And you also pointed out that from 1947 Part of the problem has been the use of cross border terrorists.”
“The real global challenges are, indeed, you know, these examples pandemics, Climate Change terrorism,” he added.
Talking about the terrorism, Jaishankar said, “You’re very familiar with is the terrorist ecosystem that exists in Pakistan, in particular, and the danger that that poses India as India has been on the receiving end of many terrorist attacks since 1947 Right, it’s been an arm.”
“Terrorism has been an arm of the Pakistan States foreign policy essentially as since 1947, What do you see is the trajectory in connection with the strength and danger associated with each hottest terrorist organisations and and what is India doing to protect itself from, the threat from groups, such as Lashkar e tayyiba and others that are determined to commit mass murder as an element as an element of a foreign policy and and and organizations are sponsored by the Pakistani state.”
Jaishankar arrived in the US on May 24, and is slated to visit many senior officials, including Secretary of State Antony Blinken, during his stay till May 28.