16 die in China’s cross-country race

Gansu, China: A mountain marathon 100 km cross-country race held in China’s Gansu Province in which total of 16 people were confirmed dead and five were reported missing.
According to the Xinhua news agency, extreme weather hit the area during the race which was held on Saturday morning at a tourist site in Baiyin City’s Jingtai County.
As of 3 am Sunday (local time), 16 people were found dead and the rescue of the five missing people is underway.
Media reports said that the race has been halted and local governments initiated an emergency response to search for the missing people.
The temperature dropped during the night due to the location’s complex topography, making the rescue difficult.
So far, 151 participants have been confirmed to be safe, of which five with injuries are being treated in the hospital. As many as 172 people took part in the race.