China to Deliberately Creating Tensions

Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has been accused by Taiwan’s Mainland Affairs Council (MAC), on May 9for deliberately creating tensions in the Taiwanese strait and using “cognitive warfare” to demoralize the Taiwanese people.

Presenting its report to legislative Yuan, MAC stressed that Beijing continuously coerces Taipei into accepting its ‘One China’ policy along with the “1992 consensus” asserting that it was the only way to better cross straight relationship. While Taiwan has long been demanding autonomy, China claims sovereignty over the island asserting it to be a “sacred and inseparable” part of the country’s territory.
Sharpening its language, the Taiwanese agency highlighted that the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) frequently conducts military drills in the straight, only to safeguard its own national sovereignty and territorial integrity. MAC, in its report also warned that any kind of talks between China and the US-Iran, equation in Pacific, energy, climate-would directly have repercussion on the Taiwanese strait. It is worth noting that Beijing-Washington talks have reached an impasse due to a variety of factors including their opposing stand on Taiwan.
While the CCP has blatantly equated Taiwanese independence with war, MAC made a number of propositions in its report. Firstly, it asked the Chine administration to listen and value the views of people from both sides of the strait. Secondly, it urged Beijing to assume responsibility to promote positive communication and dialogue between both sides.