China issues the survey of Diaoyu Islands amid tensions with Japan

Beijing, China: Amid tensions with Tokyo, china has releasd a landscape survey of group of islands.
The survey of the Diaoyu Islands – known as the Senkakus in Japan – was released on Monday by China’s Ministry of Natural Resources and covers the main island and two smaller nearby islets, South China Morning Post reported.
Japan controls the Senkaku Islands. The Japanese government maintains the islands are an inherent part of Japan’s territory. China and Taiwan claim them.
“The report … supplements and improves the basic geographic data of the Diaoyu Islands and its affiliated islands, and provides important support for the management of the Diaoyu Islands’ resources and environmental protection,” the ministry said.
The report includes high-definition topographic maps of the land features as well as their surrounding seabed up to 30m (98 feet) below the surface.
The ministry said the maps were based on historical survey data, as well as high-resolution satellite remote sensing surveys.
The report also included some photos of the island and islets taken from survey vessels sailing close to the site.
Recently, tensions between China and Japan have escalated amid increased activity by Beijing in the disputed East China Sea.
Last month, Japan said China’s coastguard had expanded its presence in the contested waters by entering twice a month and as frequently as twice a week near the Japanese-controlled Senkaku Islands.
Early this month, Japan Foreign Minister Toshimitsu Motegi urged China to halt its illegal intrusions into its territorial waters around the Senkaku Islands in the East China Sea.
Meanwhile, China’s defence ministry has urged Japan to stop making provocative moves and refrain from attacking China over the disputed islands after the defence ministries of both countries held a virtual meeting.