Billionaire diamond tycoon Nirav Modi forced to come back in India to face trial over £1.3bn fraud : extradition approved by Priti Patel

Nirav Modi whom New Delhi is trying to extradite back to our country since 2016 to face charges against his bank fraud of $2.2million.

Modi, whose wealth was once calculated by Forbes magazine as £1.5billion, was arrested in the UK in March 2019, and detained in Wandsworth prison, south-west London. 

He now has 14 days to appeal to a higher court in Britain against the decisions of the district court and Home Office. 

Zulfiquar Memon of Indian law firm MZM Legal, which is representing Modi in his case said the team is in the process of challenging the order. 

He added that this ‘may happen anytime soon.’ 

A spokesperson for the Home Office confirmed in a statement on Friday that the extradition order was signed on April 15. 

India’s Ministry of External Affairs has yet to comment on the order.    Vijay Mallya, another fugitive Indian business tycoon, was ordered to be extradited by the Home Office in 2019, but has since appealed and continues to fight his case in London.