New school building built in Nepal’s Chitwan with India’s assistance

With assistance from India, the government of Nepal has constructed a new building for the ShreeRashtriya Primary School in the Chitwan district, giving a major boost to the education sector inNepal.An Indian Embassy release said that the building was constructed as part of developmentcooperation between India and Nepal.“The new building of the Shree Rashtriya Primary School, Sultana (renamed as Basic School Sultana)Khairahani VDC-5, Chitwan district was built with the Indian government’s financial assistance ofNepali Rs 18.66 million under ‘Nepal-Bharat Development Cooperation’,” it said.The new building was jointly inaugurated on Wednesday by Nitesh Kumar, Consul General of India inBirgunj and Manejer Chaudhary, Chairman, Ward No.7, Khairahani Municipality, Chitwan.“The Government of India’s grant under ‘Nepal-Bharat Development Cooperation’ was utilized forconstruction of double-storey school building having 12 classrooms and sanitation facilities,” therelease said.The project was taken up as a high-impact community development project under an agreementbetween the government of India and Nepal.The Shree Rashtriya Primary School was established in 1973 at Sultana, Chitwan. However, theschool was completely ruined by floods in 2004India’s financial assistance for the school building is aimed to benefit the community children andboost their learning experience. The building has been built keeping in mind the needs of the school.

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