India’s Narcotics Bureau nabs heroin smugglers with Sri Lanka-Pakistan links

Indian Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) officials in Chennai have caught two Sri Lankan Tamils who were the main conspirators in Rs.100 crore International drugs smuggling case.
The two conspirators were living in Chennai by concealing their real identity.
As per reports, the case is about a drug-laden vessel, ‘Shenaya Duwa’, that was intercepted by Indian Coast Guard in November last year, off the Tuticorin Coast in Tamil Nadu.
99 packets of heroin, 20 boxes of synthetic drugs and five 9mm pistols were unearthed from an unapproachable location on-board the vessel, besides a Thuraya satellite phone set.
The preliminary investigation had revealed that the drugs were transferred onto the Sri Lankan vessel ‘Shenaya Duwa’ on the high seas by a Pakistani dhow from Karachi and the contraband was meant to be sent to western countries and Australia.
Following the seizure of contraband, the vessel’s six-member crew was also put behind bars, but the search for the main conspirators continued.
This led to arrest of the Sri Lankan nationals, MMM Nawas and Mohamed Anas from Chennai.
According to the NCB, Nawas and Afnas held important positions in the multinational Heroin syndicate, as they were controlling the mid-sea pick-up and delivery of narcotic drugs from Pakistani and Iranian vessels.
It is said that both of them had fled the island nation when the Sri Lankan authorities closed in on them.