Canada: Hindus organise protest urging govt to condemn killing of Kashmiri pandits in 1990

To mark the Kashmiri Hindu genocide at the hands of Pakistan’s terrorists on January 19, 1990, several members of Indo-Canadian Kashmir Forum and Hindu Forum Canada organised a LED truck advertisement campaign.
The truck that crossed several cities of Greater Toronto had billboards with messages: #KashmiriHindusGenocide1990 #WeExist DESPITE #PakistaniTerror along with a message “Kashmiri Hindus Exist despite Pakistani Terror”.
Through the protest, the Canadian Hindus urged Prime Minister Justin Trudeau-led government to lodge a motion in the Parliament against Pakistan’s terrorist acts.
Thirty-one years ago, the minority Hindus living in the Kashmir valley, also known as Kashmiri Pandits, had faced ethnic cleansing as they were forced out of their lands by pro-Pakistan Islamist insurgents.
According to an official statement, Bob Saroya, Canadian Conservative MP, has urged the international community to take effective measures to prevent this and similar crimes against humanity.
Beginning its campaign from Canada’s most populous Province Ontario’s legislative Assembly, the truck travelled to Toronto City Hall, Pakistan Consulate office in Vaughan, Brampton and Mississauga.