Indian Army to restore India-Pak war hero’s ‘vandalised’ grave

The grave of Brigadier Mohammad Usman, the highest ranking officer to die during the first India-Pakistan war in 1947-48 will be restored by the Indian Army.
The white marble grave, located in south Delhi’s Batla House Qabristan, near Jamia Millia Islamia, in the cemetery’s ‘VIP section’ was allegedly damaged by miscreants in the area.
The Army wrote to Jamia Millia Islamia on Tuesday seeking permission to carry out repairs on the grave.
“The university wanted a letter from the Army for the record and it has been sent. We will carry out the repairs,” a senior officer said. The officer said a wreath is laid by the regiment concerned on Brigadier Usman’s grave on his death anniversary every year.
“This year the wreath laying did not happen due to the coronavirus pandemic. Otherwise, it is done every year and the troops also clean up the area around the grave.”
Though the university owns the graveyard property and is responsible for its maintenance, restoration or repair of graves is done by families of the deceased.
A professor from the university, who is associated with graveyard maintenance, said officers from the late war hero’s regiment had come to investigate the grave on Tuesday.
Mir Ferozuddin, the grandnephew of Brigadier Usman, who is based in Saudi Arabia, said it was “inspiring and positive” to see how the grave’s vandalism was highlighted and swift action taken for its repairs.
The life story of the war hero, who died on July 3, 1948, is set to be adapted into a biopic by director Sanjay Khan, starring his son Zayed Khan in the titular role.