A 21 years old budding Calligrapher from Kashmir is making her family proud

Rani Meesaqun Nabi, a 21-year-old woman from Tral of Pulwama District in South Kashmir is earning accolades as a budding calligrapher. A third-year student in BUMS, Nabi developed her interest in calligraphy in the lockdown. And now she is also selling her handicrafts to people, thus venturing on a journey of a young entrepreneur. By practising calligraphy, Nabi aims at inheriting and taking ahead her father’s legacy who also mastered the art of calligraphy.

The budding artist and entrepreneur, Nabi told in an interview with ANI, “I did (calligraphy) as a hobby before. But in quarantine, I got time to do it seriously.” Speaking about how people have started liking and buying her art, she said, “It’s good if people are interested in buying handmade art form. It’ll save it from dying out.”

In the pictures shared by ANI, Nabi can be seen writing words in Urdu which have been beautifully framed. Nabi learnt calligraphy from her father and

also seems to have inherited his interest in the art. “My father used to do calligraphy and I liked it so much so I decided to take his legacy forward in this art and started this,” she said.

But being a third student herself, managing the time to learn and practice calligraphy wouldn’t have been possible if lockdown did not shut her college and gave her some free time. In a previous interview with ANI, she said, “I started this art during the period of lockdown as I was able to manage the time during that period.” She also added, “I started drawing and people started liking it. I don’t want this art to die so I decided to pursue this.”

Nabi’s family also love her art and extend full support and encouragement to her. Her brother Raja Adam said that her interest in calligraphy and her wonderful work gave him and the entire family immense happiness. “She got interested in calligraphy as our father was good at it. We all support her to pursue this form of art and we are happy to see her doing that. She is now getting many orders and that makes us happier,” he said.

She encourages her fellow students to pursue their interest in art, showcase them and get recognition. “I would like to say to all the people to show their talent as extracurricular activities are equally important as academic studies and other works. I also request all the parents to support their children so that they can be recognised in various fields,” she said.