## Experts at webinar stress upon worldwide collaborations to stop terrorism, human rights violation ##

On occasion of 45th session of UN Human Rights Council, experts in an international webinar titled ‘Victims of Global Terrorism’ stressed that terrorism is a global phenomenon now, and international institutions and governments worldwide must join hands to conserve human rights.
The webinar was organized by the Asian Eurasian Human Rights Forum (AEHRF) – a leading NGO working to promote human rights and values globally by context specific initiatives, interventions and programs – and Rencontre Africaine pour la Défense des droits de l’Homme (RADDHO).
The speakers at the event included Jean-Marie Ehouzou, former Observer, Permanent Representative of African Union at the United Nations office in Geneva; Stephane Michot, President of IDEAl International, Paris; Yana Mirchandani, editor-in-chief of the Real Kashmir News channel, and Prof. K. Warikoo and Prof. K.N. Pandita from Jawaharlal Nehru University and Jammu University, India respectively.
The webinar discussed a gamut of issues concerning ‘terrorism and human rights’ in alignment with one of the core agendas of the 45th session of UN Human Rights Council.
The panellists raised concerns regarding global terrorism and emphasized on the need for education, training, and stringent control of the financing of terrorism.
Stephane Michot opened the session by speaking about the need for strong measures to curb the illicit trades that are used to fund terrorism.
Padma Shri awardee and president of AEHRF, Prof K.N. Pandita stressed that terrorism is now a rampant global phenomenon and in order to conserve human rights, worldwide collaborations are required to deal with this menace.
A statement from Prof. K. Warikoo was also read out during the session that highlighted concerns of terrorism in South Asia.
Yana Mirchandani, who hails from India’s Kashmir Valley, spoke on behalf of the Kashmiri people and urged the role of United Nations in curbing terrorism.
She also stressed that cross border terrorism experienced by India has curbed human rights and hindered development for the people of Jammu and Kashmir since decades.
The webinar was concluded with remarks by Jean-Marie Ehouzou suggesting a common vision that terrorism resulting in human rights violations globally can best be curbed by education, training and consolidated global efforts.