Come see visions of a utopia

Prominent painter Kitti Narod is inviting all to visit his own utopia at the solo exhibition, “Joy Land”, curated by Guo Weiwei, at Tang Contemporary Art Bangkok.

Reading by Kitti Narod.

Kitti, who graduated from the Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts at Rajamonkong Institute of Technology, is renowned for his sense of joy and optimism through illustrations of daily life and human connections.

His works have gained international recognition and have been exhibited in many countries including Singapore, UK, Canada and Australia. His latest exhibition “Joy Land” presents his ideal vision of a utopia where “everyone has equal opportunities”.

As a member of the LGBTI community, Kitti also reveals this part of his identity in the content of his paintings. Moreover, his partner Gwyn Faemol also often appears in his works and equality is a recurring theme which he explores in his paintings. “Joy Land” aims to remind visitors that we can create a better society together.

Some of the paintings in the collection were created during the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic. The paintings depict how social distancing and self-protection has become necessary as well as how interactions between people have changed.

Due to his love for cats, Kitti also often includes these furry creatures in his paintings. Cat lovers will be delighted to see the felines, especially in the painting Cat Lover which reflects the relationships between humans and cats in a warm and moving manner.

“Joy Land” is running at the Tang Contemporary Art Bangkok, River City Bangkok, until Sept 20. Visit for more information.