Tokyo demonstrators protest repression of minorities in China

Hundreds of Uyghur, Tibetan and Hong Kong demonstrators took to the streets of Tokyo on July 12, denouncing China and its policies in their respective regions.
Shouting slogans and carrying banners, Uyghurs and Tibetan minorities called for independence from what they term “Chinese repression.”
The Uyghurs, a Muslim ethnic group in the region of Xinjiang, said they wanted their territory to be named Eastern Turkmenistan. Protestors said minorities have been subjected to repression and forced labor in camps, making them pledge allegiance to the Chinese government.
Hong Kong exiles also expressed concern about the new national security law passed on June 30, threatening the “one country, two systems” policy. The new law allows the extradition of Hong Kong nationals to China and threatens those found to have committed crimes of secession, subversion, terrorism or collusion with life imprisonment.
Following Britain’s handover of Hong Kong to China, Hong Kong nationals demonstrated for the right to retain their independence and freedom of expression.
During the protest, some carried a mock image of Chinese President Xi Jinping. The demonstrators strolled down the streets of Tokyo making their voices heard, some carried the American flags emphasizing their solidarity with the American administration.