Taiwan busy in preparations against China

Amid heightened tensions with China, Taiwan has launched a five-day long live fire war games exercise in view of the possible infiltration of the former.
Chief of General Staff Huang Shu-kuang started the annual drill on July 13 which tests how democratic Taiwan’s armed forces would repel an invasion from its neighbour.
This move comes after China sent the fighter aircraft all over Taiwan which greatly increased diplomatic and military tensions in the region. In response, Taipei also warned the Air Force of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) through its jet.
Apparently, China is appalled at the aid given to Taiwan by the United States. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian has said that the US should end its military ties with Taiwan. He said that the cancellation of the deal would not harm the US-China bilateral relations and would maintain peace and stability in Taiwan.
Zhao said that China opposes arms sales to Taiwan at all levels. “We have decided to take some effective steps to protect China’s national interests. Under which we are going to ban Lockheed Mortin, the manufacturer of this missile.”
On buying arms from the US, China’s official media Global Times in a piece said that Taiwan is paying security fees to the US through such defense deals. “Taiwan is not able to protect its people. Taiwan’s defense cannot be judged in the traditional way. This is only a result of strategic balance. Taiwan does not stand in front of China’s power.”