Banning ‘Liberate Hong Kong’ slogan was govt’s worst mistake: Co-author

The slogan ‘Liberate Hong Kong: the revolution of our times’ has now been banned by the authorities and the slogan co-author has said that the ban was one of the government’s worst mistake in handling the political unrest.
The infamous slogan was created by ex localist leader Edward Leung, ousted lawmaker Baggie Leung and former member of party Youngspiration who asked to be known as J.
The slogan first gained popularity during the anti-extradition law movement last in July last year in Sheung Wan.
“The ‘Liberate Hong Kong’ flag was first waved in Sha Tin’s New Town Plaza on July 14. On July 21 in Sheung Wan, as far as I know, a number of Edward Leung’s supporters were at the scene,” J was quoted as saying. “They began chanting and the crowd responded fervently,” he added.
“The government made two mistakes by banning the slogan,” J said as he cited a quote from the dystopian movie V for Vendetta: “Ideas are bulletproof.”
“They have chosen an enemy they cannot win against. There are protesters motivated by this slogan who are willing to take a bullet in the frontline,” J said.
The new national security law imposed on the Asian financial hub punishes crimes of secession, subversion, terrorism and collusion with foreign forces with up to life in prison. It will also see mainland security agencies in Hong Kong for the first time and allows extradition to the mainland for trial in courts controlled by the Communist Party.
According to media reports, several pro-democracy activists are fleeing their homeland. Nathan Law, a former lawmaker and pro-democracy activist announced on Facebook that he has left Hong Kong, with China imposing the national security law in the city.
The Chinese government has appointed Zheng Yanxiong as head of a powerful new agency being established in Hong Kong to oversee the implementation of controversial national security law.