Pakistani forces continue military operation, abductions in Balochistan

Balochistan is fighting two wars right now, incessant search operations and raids by Pakistani forces, and the rampant spread of the coronavirus with over 10,000 confirmed cases until now.
According to local reports, Pakistani forces have cordoned off various towns of Awaran district and banned the transport. Inhabitants of these areas are besieged at their homes.
As per the reports, in the areas between Ketch and Awaran; Peerandar, Geshkor, Jahoo and other places, Pakistani forces have gathered and are conducting search operations. The forces have also shut all sorts of transportation, due which people have been trapped in their homes.
According to area residents, Pakistani forces have abducted a boy named Sattar, son of Ilahi Baksh, from Kosnhkalat area of Tump. While forces raided many houses in the town, they also allegedly looted the valuables, and harassed women and children, locals said.
According to reports, Pakistani forces launched a search operation in Quetta, the capital city, on June 23.
Security forces conducted search operations in Badaizai town near the Western Bypass, demolished various houses, after which the infuriated residents of the area set on fire the government machinery including bulldozers and other small and large vehicles.