Pakistan fails in attempt to charge Indian citizen as ‘global terrorist’ by UNSC sanction committee

The United States of America has dealt a huge blow to Pakistan after the Islamic nation attempted to designate an Indian citizen as a ‘global terrorist’ by the United Nations Security Council’s (UNSC) 1267 sanctions committee.
As per sources, after Pakistan failed to produce enough evidence against the Indian citizen, the US blocked and terminated its proposal.
It was further noted that the US conveyed to Security Council members about terminating Pakistan’s terror charge proposal, which it had placed on ‘technical hold’ last year.
Pakistan has been incessantly pressurizing the United Nations to list the Indian national as a terrorist, attempting to frame the person for carrying out alleged acts of terrorism on its soil.
Pakistan has failed to produce any fresh evidence to link with any terror groups the Indian citizen, working as an engineer with an Indian construction company active in Afghanistan, according to a source familiar with developments.
Ever since Jaish-e-Mohammed chief Maulana Masood Azhar has been designated as a global terrorist in 2017, Pakistan has been trying to falsely link Indian citizens for acts of terrorism on its soil and has been striving to defame Indians but has been called by India’s close partners like the US repeatedly.
The UNSC 1267 committee was set up to oversee measures imposed on terrorist groups operating in Afghanistan, such as ISI, Al-Qaida and others. It has five permanent members are China, the US, the UK, France and Russia along with 10 non-permanent members.