Social media lashes out at ‘One China Policy’ with #JunkOneChina

Raising their voice against dubious One China policy, social media came together using the hashtag #JunkOneChina and called out China for its expansionist policies and creating uncertainty in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Tibet and Xinjiang.
“There is and there can never be One China. It is a dubious policy drafted by the biggest conglomerate of human right oppressors in living history called the CCP. The Uyghurs, the Tibetians, the Taiwanese, the Manchurians and the Hongkongers will all fight and break out from the cages of the oppressive CCP regime,” wrote a Twitter user.
Another Twitter user said, “The world must break its silence against China. Why is the West repeating its blunder that it did before the Second World War — Stop appeasing the Chinese regime and Xi the dictator! The myth of One China has to be broken from its core ideology.”
People expressed their anger on social media and said the myth of “One China has to be broken from its core ideology”. A large number of Indian Twitter users also joined the campaign as they laid stress to boycott Chinese projects following the deaths of 20 Indian soldiers by Chinese troops at Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Ladakh.
“China is the biggest problem to the world. #JunkOneChina,” wrote one Twitter user.
A Tibetan tweeted, “Its high time Government of India stops the submission and appeasement policy towards CCP with acceptance of China’s One China Policy! Time to declare Free Tibet and hurt China where it hurt most #JunkOneChina #BoycottChineseProducts.”
Beijing has been facing criticism for using force for its economic gain.