China- based group hacks official site of Indonesian State Intelligence Agency

China bases Nikon APT group has been found to have hacked the official site of Indonesian State Intelligence Agency (BIN) with the use of hacking tool Aria-Bodu (Body). The BIN has clarified thaht the hacker could not get hold of the confidential information, as it was stored in some other place. Yet, anticipatory steps have been taken in the wake of threat pose by the hacker’s technology, a BIN spokesperson said.
The hacking failed as the BIN had implemented the latest security norms to protect the information. Now the BIN taken the necessary measures to further protect its site, the spokesperson said.
People in Indonesia are already angry toward China after Indonesian crew members, who died onboard, were thrown into the sea by Chinese vessels without taking any permission from the family members or even informing them. Now, the hacking has fuelled the anger toward Beijing. Now public have demanded the Indonesian government to take appropriate action against China.
In addition to this, the Indonesian labourers were subjected to inhuman treatments. They were subjected to various human rights violations, including excessive forced labour, salary not paid, violence, inadequate accommodation, food among others.